Making Progress & Why I Wear Corset on Outside of Clothing
Corset Waist Training Day 11
http://youtu.be/yhFKYNK0dCg (Day 1)
http://youtu.be/Lim1PeL4do4 (Day 2)
http://youtu.be/zzBVIgMzu_Y (Day 3)
http://youtu.be/HkDUP97rYg4 (Day 4)
http://youtu.be/uZEE7SAoV6g (Day 10)

This is Day 11 of my corset waist training. In this video, I show how the same CS-411 underbust brocade corset is fitting me on Day 11 versus how it was fitting me on Day 1 (of my Corset Waist Training Journey). In the video, I show a still shot comparison of Day 1 versus Day 11 and you will see how much more I”m able to cinch in the corset after 11 days of corset waist training.

Check out my Days 1, 2, 3, 4, & 10 videos for more useful information and helpful tips about corsets and waist training. See links above.

I purchased this CS-411 (level 2 silhouette for the curvy woman) double steel-boned underbust corset from http://www.OrchardCorset.com which are authentic corsets made with high quality premium fabrics. In addition, they are very affordable. I paid for this corset. Shipping was super-fast plus it was free shipping! Discount Code: CokeBottle

I bought a size 32 corset since my waist, at the time of purchase, measured 38 1/2 inches and it was advised that a woman of my size (and bigger) buy a corset 6 to 8 inches down from their waist measurement. It is advised that a woman with a waist measurement of less than 38 inches buy a corset 4 to 6 inches down.

Before deciding to buy corsets and waist train, it is important that you educate yourself about corseting first, as I spent hours and days doing. If you are interested in learning more about corsets and/or waist training, check out these YouTube channels.


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